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About IFP Manufacturing Corporation

From their humble beginnings in 1997, Intercor Food Products (IFP) Manufacturing Corporation has been producing a diverse mix of snacks, chips, crackers, chocolates and beverages in good quality and affordable prices, that’s been recognized here and world-wide.

The success of IFP in the Philippines led the corporation in the year 2000 to expand and introduce their products outside the country, with the confidence that their company’s good quality, best-value and obtainable products, should be experienced by people all around the world.
To guarantee customer loyalty, IFP continues to develop food ingredients that would satisfy customers with different tastes. And in the year 2003, they were able to introduce their good tasting potato chips product in the market.

IFP Manufacturing Corp.’s main plant is located at 261 Kabatuhan St. Deparo Road, Caloocan City. With the right mind set and vision for success, IFP is gradually rising and is now one of the prime local manufacturing industries in the country. This is attributed to the company’s extensive distribution network, updated market research, innovative technology and continuous product development.
IFP continues to transform and nurture long-term engagements with its consumers.

Company’s Vision:

To be the best manufacturing company by providing the best quality products within consumers reach.
With this in mind, IFP made a big difference by touching millions of people’s hearts and giving them happiness through quality and tasty snacks in affordable prices.

Awards and Recognition:

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